Cisco Meraki Price Increase

Cisco Meraki Price Increase

pfSense vs Cisco Meraki

So it is that time of the year for your MSP business … Cisco has again increased their licence fee!

Here it comes the hardest part of all: you now need to tell your customers to pay more or their hardware will cease to function!

This may be a good opportunity to look elsewhere. Have you considered pfSense plus?

pfSense is an open source firewall/router software based on FreeBSD and as such it does not require any on-going fee to run. 24×7 commercial support is available, if required, from Netgate, which is the organisation that host and develop the pfSense® project.

pfSense vs Cisco Meraki

pfSense® is the world’s most trusted open source firewall. It is deployed on hundreds of thousands of Netgate appliances, 3rd party appliances, virtual machines, and cloud instances in every vertical on every continent.

pfSense is commonly deployed as a perimeter firewall, router, wireless access point, DHCP server, DNS server, and as a VPN endpoint. It supports installation of 3rd party packages like Snort or Squid through its Package Manager and supports High Availability meaning you can group several devices together.

The fact that pfSense is a software that can be installed on any hardware makes is quite scalable. You can easily expand the resources on your hardware in the event that your network needs increase.

The base software supports a lot of features including:

Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)

Static/default/dynamic routing

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

Network Address Translation (NAT)

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

Also, pfSense supports many add-on packages that can be installed with a single click including:

Snort and Suricata (for Intrusion Detection and Prevention)

Squid (Proxy)

pfBlockerNG - Blocking potentially harmful traffic based on countries, IP ranges and black lists

Because of all these supported features and packages, pfSense may be better classified as a Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliance.

Our pfSense® certified staff would be excited to work together with you and your team and help you migrate from systems that require on-going fees or from any other system that are not longer meeting your customer requirements.

Get a quote and get started with pfSense®!