A Turnkey solution to run XCommNet

A Turnkey solution to run XCommNet

About XCommNet

XCommNet operate a powerful system which brings flexible connectivity to hard to reach places, motor vehicles, trains, construction sites, wind farms and businesses needing rapid deployment.

The Full Solution

IT AND GENERAL’s secure cloud collaboration platform have made possible for XCommNet to achieve an incredibly fast growth by providing the full solution to run every aspect the company operations.

E-mail - Gives XCommNet a powerful email front-end, rich of functionalities which fully integrates to all the other modules and link emails to customers, projects, invoices and more.

Calendar - All sorts of events and reminders are recorded, imported and easily synchronized with mobile devices.

CRM - XCommNet keeps record of all the customers’ related notes, e-mail, files etc. Company and contact profiles are built around the information that are important for the company.

Click to Call - The solution is fully integrated with the phone system and XCommNet employees easily initiate sales, marketing or support call directly from address books or contact lists.

Tasks - Keep XCommNet tasks organized online and sync them with the company remote devices.

Time Tracking - XCommNet can keep track of time worked on projects. They can easily create reports and invoices of the time entries.

Billing - With the billing module XCommNet can create quotes, orders and invoices. The documents can either be printed or you can send them by e-mail as a PDF attachment. With the report tool XCommNet can easily see their income and expenses.

Newsletters - Allow the company to send personalized mails to customers with the built in bulk mailer.

Projects - Used to track working hours and keep all related information of a project in one place.

Synchronization - All XCommNet's appointments, tasks and contacts are easily syncronised with mobile device.

Custom Modules - XCommNet have developed custom modules to support their business process.

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