Remote Access VPN

What is a Remote Access VPN?
A VPN is the most powerful tool to allow your mobile and remote workers to access files, folders and other resources as if they were directly connected into the office network. A VPN system encrypts data and hides the IP address of the user, meaning that an employee can be working with confidential company information through a public network but on a completely hidden connection between the user and the office.

What type of business requires a Remote Access VPN?
Remote Access VPN is beneficial to growing businesses with a mobile workforce and to organisations that require greater flexibility in allowing employees to work remotely and from home. A VPN system can also be crucial to keep a business going when there are restrictions to travel caused by adverse weather conditions or illnesses.

Remote Access VPN

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN is the most effective solution to enable your remote workers to access file and folder sharing as if they were at the office.  VPN systems encrypt data and hide the IP address of the user so an employee can be working with company information via a secure, hidden connection between the employee and the company. This is a simple step that goes a long way towards protecting sensitive data and retaining online privacy.

What We Offer

Our Remote Access VPN appliances and service gives you the freedom and flexibility to extend your office and productivity to wherever you need to be and to anywhere opportunity takes you. IT AND GENERAL provides a full end-to-end managed solution, freeing you of the time-consuming task of managing such complex networks.

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