What we do:

VoIP Plug & Play

VoIP Plug & Play

Complete and ready-to-use telephone system. Fully managed for busy businesses that would like to outsource their telephone service. Extension management, call flow design, implementation, on-going adjustments and support are all included.

VoIP Trunks

VoIP Trunks enable inbound and outbound calling for your on-premise or hosted PBX. Best quality and lowest latency guaranteed by our presence in the top UK data centres Telehouse North (London Docklands) and City Lifeline (London City).

VoIP Infrastructure

VoIP Infrastructure

PBX and SBC appliance, trunks, switches, routers, interconnects, handset, soft phones and more. We are an authorised and certified Sangoma reseller as well as partner of Snom, Yealink and ClearlyIP .

VoIP Call Centre

As an authorised and certified Sangoma reseller, we help with the installation and support of Sangoma call centre solutions.

VoIP Call Centre

VoIP Security

We can design and implement a VoIP Security Strategy and provide customised solutions and appliances. As an authorised and certified Sangoma reseller, we help install and support Sangoma Session Border Controllers. We also offer VPN and firewall solutions based on pfSense.

What we can help you with:

Office Move Keep Telephone Number

Office Move

Keep your business connected while relocating to new premises or setting up remote home working.

Recording Calls

Record and archive calls for Customer Satisfaction, Employee Evaluation, Training, Security and Legal Compliance.

Call Recording
BT ISDN Switchoff

ISDN Switch Off

Don’t leave it for the last minute and don’t leave it to BT to decide what you are going to get next! We help you plan a smooth transition away from the obsolete BT ISDN.

Rugged Systems

Complete communication solutions for challenging environments. Rugged Wireless Phones and purposely programmed systems to automatically send different types of alarms to emergency recipients when an emergency occurs.

Rugged Business Phone
Call Flow Design

Call Flow Design

Manage your calls effectively for the success of your business. Create an efficient sorting system and attend all incoming calls to maintain and grow your company.

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