Rugged Wireless Phones with Safety Alerts

Phone Dust Resistant
Dust Resistant
Phone Shock Resistant
Shock Resistant
Phone Water Resistant
Water Resistant

Rugged Wireless Phones with Safety Alerts


Rugged Wireless Phones with Safety Alerts are used by professionals working in dangerous or hazardous environments to increase the productivity and safety of personnel and general public. Factories, warehouses, power plants, chemical facilities, paper mills, hotels, water parks, golf courses and many more challenging environment require a series of alarm functions, including push-button alarm, no-movement alarm, man-down alarm and running alarm to minimize safety risks


IT AND GENERAL provide a complete communication solutions for challenging environment combining the use of Yealink Rugged Wireless Phones and a purposely programmed system to automatically send different types of alarm to emergency recipients when an emergency occurs.


  • Certified IP67
  • Shock, Dust and Water Resistant
  • Integrated Blue-tooth for hands-free headset
  • Vibration to notify calls on noisy environments
  • Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT)
Telephone Emergency Button


  • Push-button alarm
  • No-movement alarm
  • Man-down alarm
  • Man running alarm
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