VoIP Infrastructure

What is a VoIP Infrastructure?
A VoIP infrastructure is the combination of equipment, services and subscriptions that make up a VoIP system. The infrastructure includes items such as PBX, SBC, VoIP trunks, switches, routers, interconnects, and handset and soft phones.

What type of business requires a VoIP Infrastructure?
Businesses who are looking to build and run their own VoIP System will require most of the basic components of the infrastructure. Businesses can also choose to take advantage of a ready-to-use infrastructure like those offered by IT AND GENERAL with our plug and play packages and hosted PBX.


A VoIP PBX is the brain of a phone system that enables making and receiving calls over the Internet, as well as providing many advanced functionalities. A VoIP PBX can be deployed as a physical appliance on-premise or can be rented from the cloud (hosted PBX) to reduce or completely eliminate any infrastructure expenditure.

VoIP Trunks

VoIP Trunks enable inbound and outbound calling for your on-premise or hosted PBX. A SIP trunk supports internet calling which offers the advantage of competitive rates.

SIP Trunking

VoIP phones

A VoIP phone or IP phone uses a network like the Internet for placing and transmitting telephone calls. The phones register to a telephone system or a PBX (Private Branch Exchange), connect extensions to the public telephone network and provide internal communication for a business. Choosing the right phone is important to ensure easy access and control over the system features and functionalities.

What we offer

As an authorised and certified Sangoma reseller and a Snom registered partner, we can offer you the highest quality VoIP infrastructure components on the market. We offer premium VoIP Trunks for your on-premise PBX with the lowest latency in the UK which means lowest voice delay. This enables high quality inbound and outbound calling using the internet via the SIP protocol (SIP Trunk). Our portfolio also includes UK and International numbers and if you already have UK ISDN or PSTN numbers, these can be converted into VoIP numbers to be used with our trunks.

Sangoma Partner Reseller UK
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