VoIP Security

What is VoIP Security?

VoIP systems are vulnerable to many of the same threats that target other forms of computing technology: malware, network breaches, DDoS attacks, and even phishing attempts. Once compromised, your system can be used to make unauthorised, expensive calls and for other phone-related illegal activities. Quite often, the targeted organisations have no idea that a breach has occurred. Implementing VoIP Security provides strategies and mechanisms such as VPN and SBC (Session Border Controller) to defend your system from hackers. They both hide your network topology. SBC also offers active protection by detecting abnormal behavior and malicious patterns and prevents intrusions by blocking the source of attack.

Which business requires VoIP Security?

  • Businesses connecting their PBX to a SIP Trunk or VoIP provider.
  • Businesses hosting PBX or interconnect with other VoIP providers which requires to protect their own network.
  • System Integrators combining different VoIP solutions who need to address security and resolve interoperability issues.
Sangoma SBC
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Session Border Controller

We deploy Sangoma SBCs at the border between the enterprise and the service provider. In the enterprise environment, they form an effective demarcation point between the business’s VoIP network and the service provider’s SIP Trunk, performing SIP protocol mediation and media handling (interoperability) and securing the enterprise VoIP network.


A VPN (virtual private network) hides your network from hackers by creating an encrypted private connection over a public network, such as the internet. With a VPN, your connection to a PBX, handsets and soft-phones is virtually undetectable and untraceable to outsiders.

VoIP VPN Tunnel Encryption
VoIP Firewall Hacker


The best practice in implementing a Communications system is to utilise both a VoIP firewall and an SBC. This is because they complement and support each other in a common function. SBCs and firewalls both perform similar network border security functions, but they work at different network levels. Firewalls broadly categorise traffic and SBCs understand legitimate VoIP sessions.

What we offer

We can help you design and implement your VoIP Security strategy. We provide customised solutions and appliances. As an authorised and certified Sangoma reseller we help install and support your Sangoma SBC. We also offer VPN and firewall solutions based on pfSense®.

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