Call Recording

Call Recording

The Challenge

Many industries must record and archive calls for Customer Satisfaction, Employee Evaluation and Training, Security, and Legal Compliance reasons. Managing these recordings typically involves lots of management time sorting and filtering.

The Solution

With the IT AND GENERAL Call Recordings Report Module you can View, Sort, Listen, Archive and download all recorded calls on your system.


  • View Recordings By Year, Month and Date
  • Auto Archive calls recorded by Asterisk in FreePBX
  • Download archives as .tgz file that can be opened using common tools like Winzip or 7-Zip
  • Directly listen to and download all call recordings that exist on your system
  • As archives are created the oldest archive is deleted to control disk storage
  • Archives are created on the 1st of every month
  • Module auto generated email reminders at time of Archive Creation
  • Sort Recordings by Call Type, Source, Destination, Time, or Duration
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