Office Move?

Ensure a smooth transition to your new premises or home working setup.

Relocating an office can be stressful and risky. Staying reachable is critical to a smooth transition. Our telecommunication solutions keep your business connected while relocating to new premises or setting up remote home working.  Our basic, fully-managed VoIP system comes loaded with essential business features you don’t get with traditional fixed telephone lines.

Keep Your Number

Stay Reachable

Keep your number and stay connected!

Your clients are familiar with it. It’s on all of your sales and marketing literature. And perhaps it’s the main form of communication between your staff, clients and suppliers. Your business phone number is critical.  With our solution, you can keep your number and minimise disruption.

Phone Number Move

Minimise Disruption

Whether you are moving to a new building or having staff work remotely from home, moving your number is not always as simple as packing your desk and moving your belongings into the new space. With some BT lines it may not be possible to keep your number when moving to a different area or different town.

Ensure you maintain staff productivity and don't miss any calls.

Staying connected is easy! We move your number to the cloud. Just like much of your office software that is run from the cloud, a telephone number can also be moved to the cloud and can follow you wherever you are.

Office Number Redirect

Gain Advanced Phone Features

Re-direct calls to one mobile number

Send calls to old and new office

Re-direct calls to several mobiles

Play a recorded message

Send calls to mobile and new office

Ask your callers to leave a message

These and many other smart options are available.

VoIP Get More For Your Money

Get Started Today!

Our solution is easy!

It is so easy to switch to VoIP with our Plug & Play system.

Here is how we work:
We make your move happen in three simple steps.


Tell us how you would like calls to be handled.


We recommend call flow options to meet your needs.


We set the phone system up for you – and you are ready to go!

We can help make your office move less stressful and future proof your business at the same time.

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