Paying for conference calls?

Paying for conference calls?

Conference Calling is included

What is a Conference calling?

Conference calling describe three or more people on a phone call. It allows people from different locations to run their meetings over a call so they can get their job done faster. Being able to dial in from anywhere at any time of the day, it’s ideal for businesses with remote workers, multiple offices and/or colleagues or clients that work in locations, as it allows people to stay connected wherever they are.

Use cases

Keep your team connected

Ideal for internal calls between remote workers, multiple offices and/or colleagues in the same organization.

Connect with customers and suppliers

Ideal for connecting internal and external callers. Typically used to:

  • discuss a commercial proposition with prospects
  • converse about a new project involving various suppliers
  • resolve issues across several parties and different countries
  • keep a record of external calls for training and quality purposes
  • improve the speed of communications with customers and suppliers
CP960 Yealink IP Conference Phone

It's Included!

Conference Calling is included with all IT AND GENERAL’s business telephony solution. A high-quality audio system which allows to dial in to your meeting from wherever you are.

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