Cyber Essentials Certified

Cyber Essentials Certified

We are proud to announce that we are now Cyber Essentials Plus Certified. Cyber Essentials is a UK Government-backed, industry-supported certification scheme introduced in the UK to help organizations demonstrate operational security against common cyber-attacks.

Cyber Essentials Certified
Cyber Essentials Plus Certified
Data Access and Security

❔ Why is this important?

The Cyber Essentials Plus certification is a higher level of certification that demonstrates our robust approach to data protection and security. It signifies that our systems and processes are assessed, audited, and deemed to be protected against common cyber threats.

🛡️ For our clients, this means:

Enhanced trust in our services.
Assurance that we’re taking proactive measures to safeguard our data.
Peace of mind knowing that we prioritize security at every level.

We’re proud of this achievement, and it underscores our dedication to serving our clients with excellence and integrity.

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