Mario Matinelli


Mario Matinelli is an IT innovator and entrepreneur with over two decades of experience on the cutting edge of technology. His career includes work on high profile projects ranging across diverse and critical industries such as telecoms, airports, financial services, national health services and others. Mario has worked with and for such major corporations as Accenture, Siemens, Telecom Italia, Phillip Morris, Capgemini, Hewlett Packard and the former British Airport Authority. In addition to those large scale projects, Mario’s company IT and General provides businesses with tools to maximise efficiency and profitability.

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Maria Assirelli


Maria Assirelli is a qualified Architect and Civil Engineer. She began her career teaching at La Sapienza University and she found the experience of interacting with people highly rewarding and conducive to develop strong and beneficial relationships. She has adopted this approach to her practice through regularly taking on work placement students and regular networking.
Maria is a repeat entrepreneur and as Director of IT AND GENERAL, she is in charge of managing the entire organization with greater focus on marketing and communication. She is a highly effective project manager having led a number of projects in the private and public sector, including education and health care sectors.