Netgate 4100/6100 1U Rack Mount Kit

Netgate 4100/6100 1U Rack Mount Kit

The 1U rack mount kit allows for simple, safe and fast installation of all versions of the Netgate 4100/6100 appliances into a standard 19” server rack.

Netgate 4100 and 6100 1U Rack Mount Kit

Available Now in the UK

The Netgate 4100/6100 family of appliances are passively cooled to ensure silent operation when used in a desktop configuration. This is a purpose-built rack mount designed and manufactured specifically to:

  • Maximize critical airflow through the 4100/6100’s integrated chassis heatsink.
  • Fit entirely within the 1U height envelope.
  • Allow for other devices to be mounted directly above or below the Netgate system.
  • Move access to the USB jacks from the side of the unit to the front faceplate, utilizing a custom molded USB 3.0 cable to provide convenient remote access to the Netgate 4100/6100 USB ports.
  • Protect and conceal the USB cables and power supply with a removable faceplate, which prevents accidental disconnection while still allowing easy access.
  • Provide an attractive, lightweight, yet sturdy durable Type II anodized aluminum mounting system with laser engraved logo.
  • Securely install the Netgate 4100/6100 to the purpose built chassis with stainless steel screws via the 4 built-in mounting points.


  • Anodized 5052 Aluminium rack mount bracket with detachable front faceplate
  • Panel mount USB 3.0 extension cable with hardware
  • 4x main chassis screws
  • 1x front faceplate screw
  • 4x cable ties (2 large, 2 small)
Netgate 4100 and 6100 1U Rack Mount Kit
Netgate 4100 and 6100 1U Rack Mount Kit
Netgate 4100 and 6100 1U Rack Mount Kit
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