Netgate 4200 MAX

Netgate 4200 MAX

We are excited to introduce the newest addition to the Netgate® security gateway appliance family, the Netgate 4200 Max with pfSense® Plus software. The Netgate 4200 Max is the ideal network solution for small and medium businesses, offering an excellent price-to-performance ratio, flexible connectivity, advanced security features, high-performance VPN, and more.

The Netgate 4200 Max comes with 128GB NVMe SSD storage pre-installed (upgraded from the 16GB eMMC storage of the Netgate 4200). It has blazing-fast performance thanks to its 4-core Intel® Atom® C1110 CPU running at 2.1 GHz. The Netgate 4200 Max achieves benchmark results in routing, firewall, and IPsec VPN up to THREE TIMES FASTER than the Netgate 4100.

Netgate 4200 MAX
Netgate 4200

📢 The Netgate 4200 MAX is available now for pre-orders from our online shop🛒, the ITG-Shop.


With its robust, high-performance 4-core Intel® Atom® C1110 CPU, the product’s benchmark results set a new standard: routing, firewall, and IPsec VPN operations that are up to three times faster than the Netgate 4100.

Comparison - Netgate 4100 / Netgate 4200

Netgate 4100 vs 4200 Performance Comparison