New Netgate 4200

New Netgate 4200

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the newest  Security Gateway Appliance with pfSense® Plus from Netgate®: the Netgate 4200, equipped with the advanced pfSense® Plus software. This state-of-the-art appliance from Netgate® is a game-changer in the realm of network connectivity.

Boasting four unswitched 2.5 Gb Ethernet WAN/LAN ports, the Netgate 4200 offers unparalleled flexibility and high-bandwidth connectivity. This robust feature set is delivered without the need for expensive fiber infrastructure, ensuring cost-effective yet powerful network solutions for our clients.

Designed as a cutting-edge upgrade, the Netgate 4200 is the official replacement for the Netgate 4100, which was announced as End of Sale (EOS) on 14 December 2023. []

Netgate 4200
Netgate 4200 Firewall VPN ROUTER

📢 The Netgate 4200 is available now for order from our online shop🛒, the ITG-Shop.


With its robust, high-performance 4-core Intel® Atom® C1110 CPU, the product’s benchmark results set a new standard: routing, firewall, and IPsec VPN operations that are up to three times faster than the Netgate 4100.

Comparison - Netgate 4100 / Netgate 4200

Netgate 4100 vs 4200 Performance Comparison