pfSense Plus RELEASE 23.09

pfSense Plus RELEASE 23.09

pfSenseⓇ plus software, Release 23.09, is available now!

pfSense Plus Software Release

Release Details

This release offers significant changes and features, including:

  • OpenSSL Upgraded to 3.0.12: The upgrade to OpenSSL 3.0.12 removes older and weaker encryption and hash algorithms. Users with security certificates based on these deprecated algorithms should review the release notes before upgrading.
  • Kea DHCP Added as Opt-In Feature: Kea DHCP server is now available for opt-in.
  • Improved Support for SCTP: Enhancements in PF now allow firewall rules, NAT, and logging to act on SCTP packets by port number.
  • IPv6 Router Configuration Moved: IPv6 Router Advertisement settings can now be found at Services > Router Advertisement, part of ongoing Kea DHCP server integration.
  • Additional Highlights: PHP upgraded to 8.2.11 and base operating system updated to a more current version of FreeBSD 14.

Learn more by viewing the Release Notes.

Netgate Appliances

Netgate-branded appliances come with TAC Lite support and receive this and future software updates at no additional cost for the lifetime of the unit.

ITG Customers

If you are an ITG customer with a maintenance package or support contract with us, we will contact you shortly to agree the details of your upgrade.

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