pfSense Plus RELEASE 24.03

pfSense Plus RELEASE 24.03

pfSenseⓇ plus software, Release 24.03, is available now!

pfSense Plus Software Release

Release Details

The latest release of pfSense Plus 24.03 introduces several major updates and features aimed at enhancing system security, stability, and manageability:

  • Default Password Control: To meet regulatory requirements, this release enforces a mandatory reset of default passwords. This applies to both the User Interface and Command Line Interface, strengthening the security framework and compliance with evolving standards.
  • Enhanced Update Process using ZFS snapshots: The update process now utilizes ZFS snapshots, significantly reducing downtime and increasing system stability. This feature is particularly useful for administrators who manage test environments, as it allows for quick reversion to previous states if necessary.
  • Packet Data Flow Export: This feature allows the export of packet flow data using the NetFlow v5 or IPFIX protocol, providing administrators with valuable insights into network traffic for better management and security.
  • Gateway Recovery: Enhancements in the gateway recovery process include options to reset connections through a backup gateway when the primary is offline, facilitating smoother transitions and minimizing disruptions.
  • State Policy Default Change: For increased security, the default state policy has shifted from Floating states to Interface-bound states.
  • Upgrade VPN Capabilities: Updates include Mobile Group Pools for more flexible address pool management and a DNS server for larger organizations, as well as performance enhancements through an updated IPsec-MB kernel module.
  • High Availability on AWS: Introduces HA features for pfSense Plus on AWS, including fast failover and features tailored to AWS, ensuring uninterrupted service for enterprise and government users in cloud environments.

These updates are designed to improve the functionality and security of pfSense Plus, making it a more robust and versatile network management solution.

Learn more by viewing the Release Notes.

Users running pfSense Plus on Netgate Appliances

Netgate-branded appliances come with TAC Lite support and receive this and future software updates at no additional cost for the lifetime of the unit.

Upgrading from an earlier version of pfSense Plus software is typically conducted via the user interface. To ensure data integrity and recovery options, it’s crucial to back up your pfSense Plus configuration before initiating any significant changes, including upgrades. Detailed Backup and Recovery guidelines are available in the pfSense documentation available here: Backup and Recovery.

Instruction to upgrades from the user interface:

  • Navigate to System > Update
  • Set Branch to “Current Stable Version (24.03)
  • Click Confirm to start the upgrade process

Users running pfSense Plus on their own hardware

Upgrading pfSense on your own hardware follows the same procedure as on Netgate appliances, provided you have a valid subscription. If you need to renew your pfSense Pluse Software Subscription, please visit our online shop.

Users running pfSense Community Edition (CE)

We recommend upgrading from pfSense CE to pfSense Plus to take full advantage of the enhanced features and benefits of the Plus version. You can easily upgrade your pfSense CE by purchasing an activation token (pfSense+ Software Subscription).

If you need assistance to migrate from pfSense CE to pfSense Plus, talk with our certified pfSense Engineers.

ITG Customers

If you are an ITG customer with an active maintenance package or support contract, your are all covered. We will reach out to you shortly to finalize the details of the upgrade, which we will handle on your behalf.

Get in touch to receive support or a maintenance package from ITG