Security certified

Security certified

IT AND GENERAL partnered with Sangoma for an unbeatable security on VoIP solutions.

About Sangoma

Sangoma Technologies is a trusted leader in value-based Unified Communications (UC) and UC as a Service (UCaaS) solutions for SMBs, enterprises, OEMs, carriers, and service providers. Sangoma’s products are used in leading PBX, IVR, contact center, carrier networks, and data communication applications worldwide. Sangoma is the primary developer and sponsor of the Asterisk project, the world’s most widely used open source communications software, and the FreePBX project, the world’s most widely used open source PBX software. Businesses can achieve enhanced levels of collaboration, productivity, and ROI with Sangoma.

Security is our primary focus

Although VoIP communications tremendously helps to achieve exceptional voice quality and to enrich communication with tools to optimize business processes and increase user productivity, this should not come at the price of introducing security risks for an organization.
Just like we encrypt offices to office and office to home connection so we do with VoIP communication by only selecting devices capable to encrypt VoIP traffic. Our focus on security is guaranteed by achieving all relevant certifications around the security management.

Session Border Controllers (SBC)

A SBC protects both data and voice network and are designed to handle every aspect of phone calls that travel over the internet (or voice-over-ip phone calls).

Sangoma SBC Certificate
PBXACT UC Certificate
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