The next generation VoIP broadband solution

Our solution for a perfect VoIP Broadband is based on Bonding, Distributed Forward Error Correction and Compression. We take all the available signals from different internet providers and combine them to create a fast and reliable internet connection.

Line 10%
Line 20%
Line 30%

Line Bonding

  • Two or more broadband lines become 1 highly available joint line.
  • xDSL, 3G, 4G, satellite and many more can be utilized
  • NO COORDINATION required with the Internet Service Providers (ISP’s).
  • Multichannel routers are stackable and modular, providing flexibility as and when required.
  • Traffic can be categorized and prioritized to ensure an excellent VoIP call quality
  • Line 1

  • Line 2

  • Line 3

  • Parity

Distributed Forward Error Correction (DFEC)

  • Add redundancy packets to the transmitted data
  • Lost packets are recreated by the DFEC algorithm without need for retransmission.

Data Compression

  • As most data is already compressed, we use an adaptive algorithm to compress only if the actual flow is compressible. With real user traffic, this results in 30% more throughput.
  • IP header compression take headers down to ~8 Bytes bringing 4% more throughput.