VoIP Business Phones

VoIP Business Phones

Recommended VoIP business phones

The Yealink T4 and T5 are our recommended VoIP business phones for today’s business users.  With an elegant appearance, high-definition audio quality they deliver a remarkable user experience. The integrated cutting-edge features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and VPN enrich collaboration, improve productivity and enhance security.

Elegant Industrial Design

The cutting-edge design of the Yealink T4 and T5 series includes telephony superiority as well as an elegant appearance. The use of premium materials testifies to its manufacturing excellence.

Remarkable User Experience

The Yealink T4 and T5 series delivers excellent stability and performance with its latest advanced components. The series feature an optimized interface for a smartphone-like user experience. Its rich one-touch soft keys allow for customization, bringing additional convenience and increasing productivity.

Optima HD Audio

The Yealink T4 T5 series support the new codec Opus which enable HD audio quality in both high-bandwidth and poor network conditions.

VoIP Plug & Play

The Yealink T4 T5 series are the perfect choice for our ready-to-use telephone system VoIP Plug & Play

Yealink T48
Yealink T48
Opus HD VoIP Codec
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