Everything connects

Everything connects

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What is Unified Communication?

It’s a fair question, what IS Unified Communication, (often referred to as UC) and why is it important? The truth is, you probably use aspects of UC often and don’t realize it.

In an average day, we switch between several different modes of communication. A quick text message, a call on your cell phone, emails, conference calls, instant messaging, screen sharing… The list is ever growing. The problem is that most of the time these modalities are delivered by disjointed systems that are not integrated.

Unified Communication systems (UCs) provide a simple application where users can in moments go from a simple instant messaging session into a phone call and even open a full-blown screen sharing and collaboration session from the same application. There is no need to schedule special conferencing rooms when you can just initiate an integrated connection from your computer or mobile phone, no matter where you are.

So in short “Unified Communication” is a term used to describe the complete integration between modes of communication and being able to switch effortlessly between them to enhance the exchange of information and ideas.

About Sangoma

Sangoma Technologies is a trusted unified communications leader, providing globally scalable telephony solution, such as on-premise and cloud-based (or hosted) IP-PBX phone systems, SIP Trunking service, Cloud-based PBX service, voice-over-IP (VoIP) Gateways, session border controllers (SBC) and telephony cards. Sangoma’s business telephony products are integrated into much of the world’s OEMs, Enterprises, Carriers and service provider networks providing seamless connectivity between traditional infrastructure and new technologies.

IT AND GENERAL and Sangoma

IT AND GENERAL is an authorized Sangoma Reseller in United Kingdom since 2014. Under the terms of our agreement with Sangoma we are authorized to resell and service Sangoma hardware on behalf of Sangoma. IT AND GENERAL LTD is authorized to sell licenses and products manufactured by Sangoma Technologies and provide technical support and updates to Sangoma equipment and solutions. Read more about our certifications …

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