Netgate 4100 Replacement

Netgate 4100 Replacement

The Netgate 4100 has reached its End of Sales (EOS) status [Source: Netgate Product Lifecycle]. The new and more powerful Netgate 4200, priced slightly below the Netgate 4100, will be available for orders starting mid-January 2024

Netgate 4100 End Of Sale

For pre-orders and to obtain a quote, please refer to our recent blog post

Comparison Between Netgate 4100/4200

The Netgate 4200 replaces the Netgate 4100 in the Netgate lineup. Not only is it less expensive, but the 4200 uses the Intel® Atom® C1110 CPU, which came out of Intel’s high-performance 12th-generation Core design and is dramatically faster than other Atom processors. It includes the AVX2 extended instruction set to make VPN encryption/decryption fly. The Netgate 4200 benchmark numbers tell the story clearly: L3 forwarding (routing), Firewall, and IPsec VPN test results are up to three times faster than the Netgate 4100.
Netgate 4100 vs 4200 Performance Comparison
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