The perfect broadband for VoIP

The perfect broadband for VoIP

If your PC slows down a little when sending an email, you probably won’t even notice, but if your phone call slows down you certainly will.

250 milliseconds (a quarter of a second) it is all it takes for human communications to start breaking down. Call drops and one way audio also make the overall communication experience unacceptable for a business.

Two of the most common causes of bad VoIP call quality

Slow unreliable broadband

The overall speed, bandwidth and reliability of your internet connection greately affect the call quality and the number of phone lines supported by a VoIP phone service

Applications competing for bandwith

Even with sufficient broadband speed and bandwidth every application at the office will try to use as much banthwith as they can and sometimes with very little left for your calls.

Best VoIP router

The perfect broadband for VoIP

IT AND GENERAL will help you ensure you have the best VoIP router, optimal broadband speed and bandwidth for your calls. If required, we will recommand a new or a different broadband and an intelligent VoIP router which can understand when a call is placed and give them the highest priority over the other applications. This will ensure that downloading a large email or streaming a YouTube video for example, do not affect the quality of your call.

What Customers Say

Tahira Siddiqui, partner at S.Syedain & Co, says:

We use IT and General for our VoIP system as a result of our office move. I would highly recommend them as they took over and sorted everything for us including finding the best broadband providers so that we could concentrate on other matters relating to the office move.

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