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IT and General is an innovative business-to-business IT service provider and integrator, specializing in a range of cutting-edge services including Business Telephony, Data Access & Security, Online Productivity, and Cloud Computing. We are proud to partner with leading industry names such as Netgate, Vates, Cisco-Talos, Sangoma, ClearlyIP, Snom, Surrey Cyber Security Cluster, and Intermesh, ensuring top-tier solutions and security for our clients. Our team is committed to delivering customized IT solutions that enhance operational efficiency and security.

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Data Centres

We host all of our servers in Telehouse North (London Docklands) and City Lifeline (London City). We specifically selected these two data centres as they are the best in class. Telehouse North has been the primary home of the London Internet Exchange since 1994 and is one of the most heavily connected data centres in the world.

ITG Data Centre
Team Work

Open Source

IT AND GENERAL is an advocate of open source, and we don’t just talk about it, we use it. Our business runs on open source systems and our data centre servers are running Linux and various other open source software. Open source is often confused with free because of certain freedoms that come with it. Open source is about the knowledge-sharing culture and the accessibility of the source code for inspection; when it comes to security this has been proven to be the most effective model. Open source is the de-facto standard to privately and securely deliver web content used by banks, governments, and both small and large organisations. This is the standard used by this web site to privately and securely deliver the content of this page to you.



Mario Matinelli

Mario is the Founder and Director of IT AND GENERAL. His passion for technology is evident in everything he does. He is in charge of managing the organisation with a focus on innovation and solution development.


Maria Assirelli

Maria is an experienced entrepreneur and as Director of IT AND GENERAL, she is in charge of managing the organisation with a focus on marketing and communication. She is a highly effective project manager having led a number of projects in the private and public sector, including in education and health care.



Dominic Scott

IT Project Manager

Dominic is co-director of our sister company XCommNet and our valuable asset to manage and support complex IT projects. He is extremely experienced in the delivery of mission-critical systems and applications. Dominic successfully managed a diverse international team thanks to his excellent communication and influence skills.


Paul Dowling

Technical Pre-Sales

Paul provides technical assistance and guidance during the pre-sales process by identifying customers’ technical and business requirements, prior to designing a solution. Paul is a highly experienced IT professional and he is a shared resource with our sister company XCommNet.


Antonio Pascarella

Technical Architect

Antonio is a highly dedicated IT professional with extensive experience and a deep knowledge of system monitoring and integration. Antonio is a motivated professional with a creative and innovative approach to solution design and problem solving. With Antonio at our side we always feel confident facing any IT challenge.


Roberto Negro

Systems And Cyber Security Engineer

Roberto, a proud holder of a Bachelor of Sciences in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics, brings a unique blend of skills and insights to our vibrant team. Roberto’s strong academic background and comprehensive understanding of digital landscapes greatly enhance our ability to safeguard our customers’ network infrastructures.


Kerrie Jenkins


With great commercial awareness, a personable and friendly approach, Kerrie provides financial administration, forecasting and cash flow management to improve tax efficiency and help us to future proof our business by building plans and goals.

Some of our projects

Netgate Partner
Snort Official Integrator
Surrey Cyber Security Cluster Member
Vates Partner
ClearlyIP Partner
Snom Partner
Sangoma Partner