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Our company’s ethos is to help businesses unlock their potential when supported by our flexible and effective solutions. With decades of experience on the cutting edge of technology we are able to help businesses to move to the next level! Our guarantee is that we would never lock you into long terms contracts you are not happy with. At IT AND GENERAL we are incredibly proud to only have happy customers.

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Data Centres

Our network and servers are located in Telehouse North (London Docklands) and City Lifeline (London City). We specifically selected these two datacentres being the best in class. Telehouse North is the primary home of the London Internet Exchange since 1994 and is one of the most heavily connected data centres in the world.

Open Source

IT AND GENERAL is a big advocate of open source and we don’t just talk about it, we use it. Our business runs on open source systems, our data centre servers are running Linux and various open source software. Open source is often confused with free because of certain freedoms that comes with it. Open source is about the knowledge sharing culture and the accessibility of the source code for inspection and when it comes to security this has been proven to be the most effective model. It is open source the de-facto standard to privately and securely deliver web content used by banks, government, small and large organisation. The same standard is used by this web site to privately and securely deliver the content of this page to you.


Mario Matinelli

Mario Matinelli

Mario is the Founder and Director of IT AND GENERAL. His passion for technology is prevalent in virtually everything he does. He is in charge of managing the organization with focus on innovations and solution designing.

Maria Assirelli

Maria Assirelli

Maria is a repeat entrepreneur and as Director of IT AND GENERAL, she is in charge of managing the entire organization with greater focus on marketing and communication. She is a highly effective project manager having led a number of projects in the private and public sector, including education and health care sectors.

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