Accessing file remotely has never been so easy

Accessing file remotely has never been so easy

Our Managed VPN service extend your office and productivity to wherever you are and anywhere opportunity takes you. Your entire network is easily accessible to internal and external users, securely connecting the people and resources that make your business go.

The Challenge

More and more companies, and people, are turning their backs on the way we used to work allowing employees to work remotely or from home.  There are great benefits in allowing employees to do so, for both the employer and employee. One in five employers believes that their workforce is happier and more productive when working remotely, and a quarter of businesses have seen it reduce sick leave. Workers cite fewer distractions as the reason for increased productivity, saying that working remotely can often enable them to get the job done. However, giving access to remote worker can expose a company to a wide variety of previously unknown security risks. Getting targeted by a hacker might sound like something that happens only to large organizations because only they make the headlines. This is far from the truth. There are more cyberattacks than ever before targeting any company of any size and even domestic networks.

So, how do you ensure that your employee can easily access files remotely without compromising security and privacy of sensitive data?

The Solution

Virtual Private Network (VPN) are designed specifically for this. VPN are the most powerful tool to allow your remote workers to access file and folder sharing just like if they were at the office. They encrypt data and hide the IP address of the user, meaning someone can be working with company information with a hidden connection between the user and the company. This is a simple step that goes a long way towards keeping sensitive data safe from those interested in stealing it. By using a VPN you are taking a big step in decreasing the likelihood your company will be targeted by hackers.

Managed VPN Services

IT AND GENERAL provides a full end-to-end managed solution, freeing you of the time-consuming task of managing such complex networks.

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