Distant But Together

Distant But Together

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National Lockdown

As the UK is entering a new national lockdown, technology becomes a bridge that keeps us all connected and operative. Being effective and productive away from the office is about keep a secure and reliable access to the right tools, the right information and the right contacts.

Our solution

Our solution encompasses a number of business tools to effectively enable flexible and remote working.

Virtual Office Software

Our on-demand platform for collaborations, CRM and groupware provides you with an on-the-spot collaboration environment in a virtual setting. E-mail, projects, calendars, documents, reports and any other files can be accessed securely and shared in real-time.

Virtual Private Network

Our Managed VPN service extends your office and productivity to wherever you are and anywhere opportunity takes you. Your entire network is easily accessible to internal and external users, securely connecting the people and resources that make your business go.

VoIP Telephony

Our hosted VoIP Plug & Play system enables easier voice communication for remote workers from any location. It is convenient because it does not require technical experience or expertise. We ensure the system is always in tip-top shape. It is secure. Just like we encrypt remote access to the office files, so we do with VoIP communication. We only select phone makes and models capable of encrypting voice traffic.

Expert Advice

With over two decades of experience with cutting edge technology we can devise solutions specific to your situation and business requirements.

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